Devin Bagnoli

 photo by @wikerslam


Devin Bagnoli

Devin Bagnoli is an anomaly, He’s built different. Talented, humble, handsome, the total package. Hailing from the swamps of Florida, accepted as a local in Colorado and currently living one california burrito at a time in LA. His talent on a skateboard is obvious and undeniable, some would say freakish. But his attitude everywhere else in life is what makes him stand out. Always happy to give away the spoils of being a pro skater to someone less fortunate, sign every kids board, shirt or face, or just have a real conversation with a total stranger, his humility gets everyone stoked. You can likely find Devin riding his chopper down the pch on his way to stack clips or eat more burritos. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Devin and I assure you it’ll be worth watching.

By Grayson Certain 







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