Technê Skateboards is a collaboration of skaters, artists, and photographers working together to create an artistic brand that celebrates our love of skateboarding. Our decks are designed and shaped by skaters, for skaters with a true passion for the craft and art of skateboarding. These boards are not only made to be skated; Technê Skateboards collaborates with some amazing artists to create graphics that are works of art you can hang on your wall.



Our boards are made with highest quality materials by legendary board maker and master craftsmen Paul Schmitt. Owner and team rider Colin Web Grover has worked with Professor Schmitt to design custom shapes for Technê. These shapes are designed to function in all types of terrain. Whether it’s technical street skating, vert and tranny or just bombing hills and cruising. We are honored to have our boards made at PS Stix. I think Paul Schmitt said it best in his 2015 interview for Ride Channel when he said:

“PS Stix is a custom board manufacturer, and we combine different shapes with molds, constructions, and, through carefully crafted procedures, we build what the brands and their team riders want,” Schmitt says. “We understand the organic nature of the wood and preserve its best attributes as we process it so it can be the best board it can be. We are proud of the boards we build and laser engrave them with a serial number for process control”