Kris Markovich



Venturing thru a Kris Markovich painting is like rolling on a skateboard at max speed. Images both blurred and in focus swirl past you, recognizable faces, layer upon layer of experience, visions and paints evoke a revolutionary primitive and elevated world. Kris is a true skateboarder.

Like the renegade street style of running to Home Depot for ramp building supplies, the same rings true with his painting techniques. Now working with different kinds of techniques - brushes, paints, and a variety of mixed medias - Kris indulges his love and passion onto much larger pieces wood with the same forward motion of building and attacking a skate spot. Integrity and dedication translates smoothly. The heavy pressure applied by Markovich’s brush indicates his precise intentions of his creation. The thought process and intensity applied to his work creates a unique and beautiful finish. Much like Markovich’s skating style, passionate with a smooth finish transcends into the experience of his artwork.

Going inside the mind of Markovich - pulling lines from his journal entries, certain song lyrics, quotes, phrases etc., he will communicate with a stranger, loved ones, friends, or foes with his own words written on his artwork. If he is painting while he has others around him he listens to the conversations while his mind drifts off and permanently will capture the exact words or that exact feeling from that moment onto his masterpiece. Letters, words, numbers, phrases, and many more inscriptions you can find in his paintings that have been lived thru Markovich. Relatable feelings can be felt while being unconsciously moved by these special features in his work. The common bond that Kris naturally combines the experience in skateboarding and experience of his artwork - by moving people. The whole experience is to be watched, admired, felt, and remembered.




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